School Profile

            BAGONG SILANG ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, one of the high performing schools in the Division of City of Balanga. It is located at the West of Abo-abo River, north of Kalugkog River, east of  Roman Superhighway,and south of the national road leading to the forest. It is a complete elementary school with thirteen classes, each Grade Level is composed of two sections, except Grade II which is composed of three sections. There are thirteen (13) regular permanent teachers and one (1) local school board teacher with a total of fourteen  (14) teachers. There is one Master Teacher, one Teacher III, two Teacher II and the rest are teacher 1 and two administrative aides. It has a total enrollment of 522 pupils, SY 2013-2014. It has also 67 kindergarten pupils, one Regular Permanent Kindergarten teacher and one Voluntary Kindergarten teacher. This school is managed and supervised by ESHT III Mrs. Edna Q. Polache.

            The school formulated its own vision and mission based on the issuance of the Department of Education. All teachers formulated  various programs and projects for the realizations and attainment of goal and mission. Every teacher is fully aware of their own roles and responsibilities to achieve quality education. The school is likewise committed to share as mandated R.A. 9155 for the welfare of the school children.

            The school envisions implementing reforms that will benefit both the teachers and pupils. It is with high hoped that all the undertakings in school both curricular and co-curricular will greatly contribute in providing every learner the best knowledge that will make him effective and responsive to the present demand of the society where he belong.

            The involvement of NGO’s and PTA strengthen the moral and contribute a lot to the realization of our mission and vision.




1. Planning and Developing Process

 Administrator involves the teachers, School Governing Council, PTA and all stakeholders in planning for year round activities, Regular meetings are scheduled to improve the school performance and facilities.

2. Organizational  Structure and Staffing

            The school has one (1) ESHT III, one (1) Master Teacher I, one (1) Teacher III, two (2) teacher II, and eleven (11) Teacher I, Classroom observations, INSET, SPOT Test and other activities are scheduled and conducted by the school head

3. System and Procedures

·  BEIS or Basic Education Information System

    It is located at the principal’s office. It has 8 modules namely: Pupil, Personnel, Curriculum, Legislation and Extension Service and the Educational Planning Research and Evaluation. The guidance counselor has an allotted time to prepare and file the necessary documents. 

·   M and E or the Monitoring and Evaluation

    The prime responsibility of a school head is to monitor and evaluate the educational programs and projects mandated by the DepEd. Checking of lesson plans and other school forms, cleanliness and orderliness of the school and establish rapport with parents, teachers and pupils are monitored regularly. 

·    Fiscal

     The financial status of our school namely came from SEF, MOOE, canteen income, donations and Fund Raising. All these are financially sustained for the school improvement, pupils and teachers development. 

·    Academic (Instructional Leadership)

       It is a skill of a school head to influence teachers for a strong input on instructions in all subject areas. Regular monitoring of academic performance and INSET.

·    Establishing Linkages 

          Coordination of works and activities with the National, Provincial and City Government Program like LOGOFIND, Clean and Green, Information dissemination campaign against flood, dengue and fire, etc.


     Management of Stakeholders 

                 Provide harmonious working relationship among the internal and external stakeholders.


    Certificate of Recognition/Cash Incentives

                   Merit and Achievement end given by the school head to the deserving pupils and teachers during monthly convocation and graduation ceremony.


·           Communication 

                            Information dissemination is actually provided by the school head through memorandum, circular orders, bulletin, website, email, facebook,                 telephone and cell phone communication and the personnel responsible for the said information.

4. Leadership

·  Administrative (Management Skill)

        The skilful use of means to accomplish a purpose is an administrative function. The school head acquired this by attending different seminars like School Based Management Development Program.

Bagong Silang Elementary School Map