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Brief History


                   One of the high performing schools in the Division of City of Balanga.  It is located at the West of Abo - abo River, north of Kalugkog River, east of Roman Super highway and south of the National Roadleading to the forest. It is a complete elementary school with nineteen classes, Grades one to three composed of three sections, and Grades four to six composed of two sections. There are  nineteen (19)  regular permanent teachers. There is one (1) Master Teacher I, one (1) Teacher III, three (3) Teacher II and the rest are Teacher I and two (2) administrative aides. It has a total enrolment of 672 pupils, S.Y 2020 - 2021. It has also 109 kindergarten pupils, two Regular Permanent Kindergarten teachers. This school is managed and supervised by Principal II Mrs. Maria Jovita B. Singzon.

                   The school formulated its own vision and mission based on the issuance of the Department of Education. All teachers formulated various programs and projects for the realizations and attainment of goal and mission. Every teacher is fully aware of their own roles and responsibilities to achieve quality education.

                   The school envisions implementing reforms that will benefit both the teachers and pupils. It is with high hoped that all the undertakings in school both curricular and co - curricular will greatly contribute in providing every learner the best knowledge that will make him effective and responsive to the present demand of the society where he belong.

                   The involvement of NGO’s and PTA strengthen the moral and contribute a lot to the realization of our mission and vision.